Month: July 2019

Jeff Scott talks liberty with voters in Waxhaw on the 4th

(Pics inside) 7-6-19 – US Congress NC9 candidate Jeff Scott met voters in Waxhaw on July 4th. He spread the message of liberty, peace, prosperity and privacy on the most libertarian day of the year! Here’s some pictures of his outreach efforts. Dan Bishop and Dan McCready were nowhere to be found…

Jeff Scott and voters in Waxhaw
Jeff Scott with voters in Waxhaw - US Congress NC9

A Message from Jeff to donors, potential donors, voters and visitors

On July 4, I will be in Waxhaw campaigning. I expect to meet voters in the morning to pass out cards to people who are strolling to the parade seating area. Your contributions help pay for those cards.

I am a co-producer of Coffee Y Pan Dulce, a Wednesday morning webcast geared to the younger Latin community. Many Democrats who appear live with me like what they hear. We want to entertain and enlighten. But more importantly, we want to show that people who disagree can have a thoughtful conversation about the vital controversies. In the world of fake news and click-baiting, we need people with clear vision to see through the nonsense. Sometimes my position is the odd one, but I am never disrespected or uninvited. Please be sure to tune in to the show when you can via my Facebook feed.

Another candidate, Allen Smith of the Green Party, agreed to campaign with me on Fridays. We webcast from my Facebook page and YouTube channel for 30 minutes from Julia’s Coffee and Books in Charlotte. We expect to complete 12 episodes by September 10, the day of the election.

We have covered DHS/ICE, a hot topic in Charlotte, and the SCOTUS decision on Gerrymandering, a hot topic in North Carolina. Again, your contributions help assure we have good production values that appeal to voters.

My new website (  is well-managed by my capable volunteer webmaster (thanks Jeff! – webmaster). We add content regularly, including feeds from my Facebook page, but also pictures from recent events, such as the Fayetteville Pride update coming soon. Your contributions paid for the website set up fees.

I completed 4 professional promotional videos in Raleigh on June 21, and they are almost finalized. We will push them out to the webpage, so expect to see them soon.  Again, your contributions pay for professional production values.

Some people ask why we are not using other social media or traditional advertising. The fact is that we can’t manage too many things at the same time and our budget is limited.

We have 2 main information portals: Facebook and the JeffScottforCongress page.

We have 2 ways of collecting money: PayPal and CampaignHQ

We have 2 live channels where I appear weekly: Coffee Y Pan Dulce,  and now Jeff and Allen at Julia’s Coffee

In the traditional media space, we answer questions from non-profits who provide voter information by use of large scale mailings. We recently completed one short questionnaire from a group that includes League of Women Voters and NC Council of Churches.

There is only one general election event scheduled for all candidates, in Fayetteville with the NAACP, on August 11. It is unlikely that all candidates will appear in this or any public forum together.  The Dem and Rep candidates are running a ground game with a big money, professional GOTV strategy. They simply won’t talk to me or Allen Smith of the Green Party.

Media won’t talk to me either. Spectrum, the Charlotte Observer and WFAE among others are not interested in communicating with me or covering my campaign. With the help of the state party, we are trying to improve and tailor our communications in a way that respects the major media demands. Yet, this is difficult task even for paid professionals.

To be fair to my contributors, we are working on improving:

  1. Announcing events and then covering them effectively with good photography and instant uploads.
  2. Libertarian supporter events, since none are being created or induced by the party or supporters.
  3. Lastly, and most unfortunately, the national attention to North Carolina’s special elections, to both my campaign and Tim Harris’ in District 3, has been disappointing at best. We haven’t gotten as much support from the national party as we need, nor media attention. We are working on trying to insert the Libertarian message into the national debate but it is an uphill battle.

Here is what I can do. With less than 9 weeks left until September 10, I will continue to get our message out as best as I can with the limited resources at my disposal.

Yesterday, I issued an op-ed to my media list on the SCOTUS decision. You can read it here: Gerrymandering (

We plan to issue an op-ed in the next week on a solution to the student debt problem.

I personally will be working at the Charlotte Pride event on August 17 and 18 and talking to voters all over the region the entire day. Other people at the booth will be adding hours of direct voter contact. This is a fun, high-spirited event for all of us in Mecklenburg County.

Thank you again for your contributions to my campaign. I promise to use them as effectively as I possibly can, in order to raise the quality and profile of the Libertarian message in Charlotte, in District 9, in North Carolina and the country.


Jeff Scott

P.S. You can always call me directly at 510-928-2879. You’ll never see Dan Bishop or Dan McCready post their personal cell phone number for voters to contact them.