Month: August 2019

Dirty Tricks in CD9 race

From Jeff Scott to CD9 voters:

I discovered today that someone, or some campaign, is sending postcards to voters in Union County on behalf of my campaign for Congress. I received a complaint on Facebook Messenger from an Unaffiliated voter. He was offended.

His complaint: “Sir, I received your postcard mailing today and decided to let you know that I WILL NOT be voting for anyone who send mailings with no return address and uses gutter language so blatantly. Wishing God’s blessings, [name withheld for privacy]”

I immediately searched for his phone number and called him. Then, I asked one of my supporters in Union County, David, to look into it. He found someone who received a similar postcard. Thank you, David.

It’s not terribly vulgar, but it’s not my style. It’s not classy. It’s not the message I am communicating to voters on this campaign, now in its 18th month.

My campaign has not hired any firm to provide direct mail services. I am unaware of any outside groups that have sent mailings out either on my behalf or against my candidacy.

The postcard was meant to offend the decent voters of Union County with the use of coarse language. This postcard was not authorized by my campaign.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at 510 928 2879.

Jeff Scott

Special Election Derangement Syndrome

Special Election Derangement Syndrome
By Jeff Scott

District 9 voters in the Special Election for Congress on September 10 may be surprised to find 4 candidates on their ballots. The Republican and Democratic campaigns pretend no other candidates exist. They tell their loyal team players that Libertarians and Greens are stealing votes that belong to the major parties.

It’s human nature to want to support a candidate on a team that has a good chance of winning, but party loyalty has gone far beyond simply rallying for a cause. In July, indictments were issued for 7 people, an ongoing reminder to voters of the Republican election fraud of 2018. Instead of humility, the major parties project their entitlement even more than ever.

Remember in November 2018 that there were only 900 votes separating the major candidates. If there had been a wider spread, say, 2000 or more, the election fraud might never have come to light. Since I received over 5000 votes, both parties hold a special grudge against the Libertarian voters that did not play for their team. I’m proud of my candidacy but now I am reaping the harsh blowback.

The campaigners and supporters of the major parties suffer election derangement syndrome by acting as if it’s perfectly natural for them to abandon basic human decency. They project bitter hatred, especially in social media, to anyone who doesn’t support their candidate. This is not accidental. Both parties hire professional staff to implement this plan.

Major party candidates never debated for voters. The Democratic party candidate has no legislative experience, no public record of his views and won’t appear in public in an adversarial setting. He still expects voters to view him as lawmaker, based on no evidence at all. He won’t argue about important issues at all while his campaign team communicates that 3rd party voters siphon off the support he truly deserves.

Voters are frustrated with bullying parties. Voter registration numbers bear this out, as registrations for the R and D parties are shrinking, while unaffiliated/independent registration is increasing. They know that big spending on corporate media is meant to render other candidates invisible. They deeply resent that they are told to suck up their complaints and take one for the team. Hold your nose, pick the lesser evil.

Traditional grassroots voter-information groups, such as the League of Women Voters, no longer sponsor debates. Independent voter groups used to be run by volunteers who offered their facilities to qualified candidates. Their historical mission is over and fair competition is a thing of the past.

The rise of extremely manipulative social media by the tech giants and major news outlets has changed campaigns. National parties have mastered the art of mobilization and fear-mongering. Information about you is gathered to predict your vote. The more they know, the easier it is to forecast what you will do, and easier for them to protect their two-party monopoly.

Some voters send hate messages calling me a spoiler, a thief and worse because of their fear that the other team might gain ground. Third party candidates experience this hatred everyday. I understand voter loyalty up to a point, but I don’t understand why they are encouraged to abandon civility for the higher cause of power. Whether a representative republic or a democracy, everyone is supposed to have a voice and a candidate that represents that voice. The partisan divide has become so wide that many are starting to sound like authoritarians in the name of their team.

I have moderate, widely appealing pro-American positions by any reasonable standard. The major party candidates would have benefited from engaging with me.

I believe Trump could accomplish something positive.

The “Squad” of four progressives are introducing neglected ideas about national security.

Our debates on immigration should never abandon considerations of international economic harmony, cultural exchange and humanitarian borders.

Peace is the only way our world will survive. America cannot be both a beacon of freedom and a bully in a state of permanent war. Violence cannot continue.

We can’t print and borrow money to create prosperity. Federal corruption and multi-tiered “justice” has never been more flagrant.

The American public is surveilled, manipulated and propagandized. Our privacy might never return.

Do these views shock Democratic and Republican voters?

Dear voter, I am asking you to be unpredictable. Your vote is your power and that vote is only powerful when you stray from the team that thinks it owns you.

They depend on you to abandon independence and dignity.

They want you to suffer election derangement syndrome. I ask for your vote on September 10, 2019 to send a message.


Jeff Scott