Dirty Tricks in CD9 race

From Jeff Scott to CD9 voters:

I discovered today that someone, or some campaign, is sending postcards to voters in Union County on behalf of my campaign for Congress. I received a complaint on Facebook Messenger from an Unaffiliated voter. He was offended.

His complaint: “Sir, I received your postcard mailing today and decided to let you know that I WILL NOT be voting for anyone who send mailings with no return address and uses gutter language so blatantly. Wishing God’s blessings, [name withheld for privacy]”

I immediately searched for his phone number and called him. Then, I asked one of my supporters in Union County, David, to look into it. He found someone who received a similar postcard. Thank you, David.

It’s not terribly vulgar, but it’s not my style. It’s not classy. It’s not the message I am communicating to voters on this campaign, now in its 18th month.

My campaign has not hired any firm to provide direct mail services. I am unaware of any outside groups that have sent mailings out either on my behalf or against my candidacy.

The postcard was meant to offend the decent voters of Union County with the use of coarse language. This postcard was not authorized by my campaign.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at 510 928 2879.

Jeff Scott