Jeff Scott and his family settled in South Charlotte after moving from the west coast.
Jeff has worked for 30 years as a financial markets and banking professional, starting out in the late 80s as an economist for the Federal Home Loan Bank. His career is a history of emerging as the “go to” guy to solve difficult problems faced by large institutions, often under tense and challenging circumstances. He leads by example and persuasion; colleagues and associates find him a collegial and thoughtful partner. He has worked in multiple roles at banks in Charlotte, and most recently as a business intelligence development consultant. Jeff earned degrees in Economics and Statistics, and was awarded “Top Economics Student” distinction and membership in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society at San Francisco State University.
Jeff has long been involved in education and career counseling, with his writings published widely. He holds the title of Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute of Auburn, Alabama. As a registered volunteer and parent in the CMS system, he has been invited to address students in history, economics and civics on careers and politics. He is a lifelong contributor to the financial economic literacy of people struggling to understand the complexities of economic life, and will continue on that path. His late wife, Leslie Scott, was a well-known public artist who completed several large scale public artworks, including the Government Center in uptown Charlotte.