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Candidates Scott, Smith show camaraderie during polarizing political climate

By Holly Morgan

Sep 05, 2019 2:00 AM
With the Ninth District special election less than a week away, some voters may think they only have two choices at the polls, but candidates Allen Smith and Jeff Scott want to remind voters they have four options.
Scott, a Libertarian, and Smith, a Green Party affiliate, have a camaraderie that is largely unseen between members of different political parties. Technically, they are running against each other, but together, their mission is to let voters know that they have more options than just Republican or Democrat.

When asked how they would advise members of the Republican and Democratic parties to be friendly to each other, Scott and Smith said that it comes down to perspective. Because third party candidates are not pushed to get votes like Republican and Democratic candidates, Smith and Scott do not have to see each other as opponents. Smith said because there is low representation of third parties in U.S. Congress, it enables third party candidates to “express themselves” and not be “beholden” to party lines which means they are more “open and flexible to find common ground.”
“By not having that finger over us, pushing us around, I think that’s one thing that has helped us have that camaraderie,” Smith said.

Scott and Smith have both run for elected office before. Scott ran in the Ninth Congressional District race in 2018 and Smith ran for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education in 2017 to represent District 6.
Scott said one thing he and Smith have learned is that the “people you are running against are not monsters. They are not demons. They are not some representative of some terrible ideology. They are potential co-workers…You have to think of them as someone you’re going to be in a position to work with.” Meaning, candidates could end up working with their opponents in a different capacity should that opponent be elected to a separate office. Like if a candidate loses in an election, then moves to a different district, runs again and wins. Their previous opponent is re-elected to their seat. Now, the two candidates having won their seats in different districts have to work together.

Not only did they sit down together with the Enquirer-Journal for an interview, but they also rode together in the same car to the interview.
Part of Scott and Smith’s mission to inform voters about third parties is vying for a seat in a debate with Republican and Democratic candidates.
Scott said third party candidates are not invited to debates because the Republican and Democratic parties are “very powerful, they’ve got a very serious interests at stake – in particular 2020.” Meaning, many seats will be up for election in the House, Senate, and it’s a presidential election year.
“They really don’t like the competition,” Scott continued. If candidates were kinder, more friendly to each other, would that same behavior extend to voters? Smith thinks the major parties “stoke fear to rile up their bases.”
“That’s something critical third party candidates can do – is to pull back that curtain to say, ‘hey, this is what’s actually going on.’ We can be civil we can disagree about some things this is what discourse is supposed to look like.”
Scott thinks, that voters “aspire to be civil.” He said voters “appreciate” that Scott and Smith can be civil during a forum. Scott wonders if aspiring for civility is enough to “animate” voters and encourage them to choose a third party candidate.

On behalf of Republican candidate Dan Bishop, Donald Trump Jr. gave a stump speech last week and Vice President Pence will give a stump speech on Monday, Sept. 9 at Wingate University. When Mark Harris ran in the Ninth District race in 2018, Laura Trump gave a stump speech on his behalf at the Union County GOP office in Indian Trail. Because third party candidates do not have the same resources or funding as the Republican and Democratic parties, they sometimes cannot invite high profile politicians to give stump speeches on their behalf.

Joking, Scott said if he could, he would exhume the body of Thomas Jefferson and have it at one of his events. Smith said he would do the same, but choose Nelson Mandela.

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Jeff Scott meets Matthews voters

9th Congressional special election candidate Jeff Scott spent the weekend out meeting voters in person at the Matthews Alive event. Jeff is a true man of the people who mingles with his would-be constituents instead of only attending tightly controlled and scripted events, like the “Dans” do. Vote for Liberty on September 10! Vote for Jeff Scott! The sane choice, not the same choice.

Jeff Scott with NC9 voters on 9-1-19
Jeff Scott NC9 Matthews event 9-1-19
Jeff Scott For Congress NC9

Dirty Tricks in CD9 race

From Jeff Scott to CD9 voters:

I discovered today that someone, or some campaign, is sending postcards to voters in Union County on behalf of my campaign for Congress. I received a complaint on Facebook Messenger from an Unaffiliated voter. He was offended.

His complaint: “Sir, I received your postcard mailing today and decided to let you know that I WILL NOT be voting for anyone who send mailings with no return address and uses gutter language so blatantly. Wishing God’s blessings, [name withheld for privacy]”

I immediately searched for his phone number and called him. Then, I asked one of my supporters in Union County, David, to look into it. He found someone who received a similar postcard. Thank you, David.

It’s not terribly vulgar, but it’s not my style. It’s not classy. It’s not the message I am communicating to voters on this campaign, now in its 18th month.

My campaign has not hired any firm to provide direct mail services. I am unaware of any outside groups that have sent mailings out either on my behalf or against my candidacy.

The postcard was meant to offend the decent voters of Union County with the use of coarse language. This postcard was not authorized by my campaign.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at 510 928 2879.

Jeff Scott

Special Election Derangement Syndrome

Special Election Derangement Syndrome
By Jeff Scott

District 9 voters in the Special Election for Congress on September 10 may be surprised to find 4 candidates on their ballots. The Republican and Democratic campaigns pretend no other candidates exist. They tell their loyal team players that Libertarians and Greens are stealing votes that belong to the major parties.

It’s human nature to want to support a candidate on a team that has a good chance of winning, but party loyalty has gone far beyond simply rallying for a cause. In July, indictments were issued for 7 people, an ongoing reminder to voters of the Republican election fraud of 2018. Instead of humility, the major parties project their entitlement even more than ever.

Remember in November 2018 that there were only 900 votes separating the major candidates. If there had been a wider spread, say, 2000 or more, the election fraud might never have come to light. Since I received over 5000 votes, both parties hold a special grudge against the Libertarian voters that did not play for their team. I’m proud of my candidacy but now I am reaping the harsh blowback.

The campaigners and supporters of the major parties suffer election derangement syndrome by acting as if it’s perfectly natural for them to abandon basic human decency. They project bitter hatred, especially in social media, to anyone who doesn’t support their candidate. This is not accidental. Both parties hire professional staff to implement this plan.

Major party candidates never debated for voters. The Democratic party candidate has no legislative experience, no public record of his views and won’t appear in public in an adversarial setting. He still expects voters to view him as lawmaker, based on no evidence at all. He won’t argue about important issues at all while his campaign team communicates that 3rd party voters siphon off the support he truly deserves.

Voters are frustrated with bullying parties. Voter registration numbers bear this out, as registrations for the R and D parties are shrinking, while unaffiliated/independent registration is increasing. They know that big spending on corporate media is meant to render other candidates invisible. They deeply resent that they are told to suck up their complaints and take one for the team. Hold your nose, pick the lesser evil.

Traditional grassroots voter-information groups, such as the League of Women Voters, no longer sponsor debates. Independent voter groups used to be run by volunteers who offered their facilities to qualified candidates. Their historical mission is over and fair competition is a thing of the past.

The rise of extremely manipulative social media by the tech giants and major news outlets has changed campaigns. National parties have mastered the art of mobilization and fear-mongering. Information about you is gathered to predict your vote. The more they know, the easier it is to forecast what you will do, and easier for them to protect their two-party monopoly.

Some voters send hate messages calling me a spoiler, a thief and worse because of their fear that the other team might gain ground. Third party candidates experience this hatred everyday. I understand voter loyalty up to a point, but I don’t understand why they are encouraged to abandon civility for the higher cause of power. Whether a representative republic or a democracy, everyone is supposed to have a voice and a candidate that represents that voice. The partisan divide has become so wide that many are starting to sound like authoritarians in the name of their team.

I have moderate, widely appealing pro-American positions by any reasonable standard. The major party candidates would have benefited from engaging with me.

I believe Trump could accomplish something positive.

The “Squad” of four progressives are introducing neglected ideas about national security.

Our debates on immigration should never abandon considerations of international economic harmony, cultural exchange and humanitarian borders.

Peace is the only way our world will survive. America cannot be both a beacon of freedom and a bully in a state of permanent war. Violence cannot continue.

We can’t print and borrow money to create prosperity. Federal corruption and multi-tiered “justice” has never been more flagrant.

The American public is surveilled, manipulated and propagandized. Our privacy might never return.

Do these views shock Democratic and Republican voters?

Dear voter, I am asking you to be unpredictable. Your vote is your power and that vote is only powerful when you stray from the team that thinks it owns you.

They depend on you to abandon independence and dignity.

They want you to suffer election derangement syndrome. I ask for your vote on September 10, 2019 to send a message.


Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott talks liberty with voters in Waxhaw on the 4th

(Pics inside) 7-6-19 – US Congress NC9 candidate Jeff Scott met voters in Waxhaw on July 4th. He spread the message of liberty, peace, prosperity and privacy on the most libertarian day of the year! Here’s some pictures of his outreach efforts. Dan Bishop and Dan McCready were nowhere to be found…

Jeff Scott and voters in Waxhaw
Jeff Scott with voters in Waxhaw - US Congress NC9

A Message from Jeff to donors, potential donors, voters and visitors

On July 4, I will be in Waxhaw campaigning. I expect to meet voters in the morning to pass out cards to people who are strolling to the parade seating area. Your contributions help pay for those cards.

I am a co-producer of Coffee Y Pan Dulce, a Wednesday morning webcast geared to the younger Latin community. Many Democrats who appear live with me like what they hear. We want to entertain and enlighten. But more importantly, we want to show that people who disagree can have a thoughtful conversation about the vital controversies. In the world of fake news and click-baiting, we need people with clear vision to see through the nonsense. Sometimes my position is the odd one, but I am never disrespected or uninvited. Please be sure to tune in to the show when you can via my Facebook feed.

Another candidate, Allen Smith of the Green Party, agreed to campaign with me on Fridays. We webcast from my Facebook page and YouTube channel for 30 minutes from Julia’s Coffee and Books in Charlotte. We expect to complete 12 episodes by September 10, the day of the election.

We have covered DHS/ICE, a hot topic in Charlotte, and the SCOTUS decision on Gerrymandering, a hot topic in North Carolina. Again, your contributions help assure we have good production values that appeal to voters.

My new website (  is well-managed by my capable volunteer webmaster (thanks Jeff! – webmaster). We add content regularly, including feeds from my Facebook page, but also pictures from recent events, such as the Fayetteville Pride update coming soon. Your contributions paid for the website set up fees.

I completed 4 professional promotional videos in Raleigh on June 21, and they are almost finalized. We will push them out to the webpage, so expect to see them soon.  Again, your contributions pay for professional production values.

Some people ask why we are not using other social media or traditional advertising. The fact is that we can’t manage too many things at the same time and our budget is limited.

We have 2 main information portals: Facebook and the JeffScottforCongress page.

We have 2 ways of collecting money: PayPal and CampaignHQ

We have 2 live channels where I appear weekly: Coffee Y Pan Dulce,  and now Jeff and Allen at Julia’s Coffee

In the traditional media space, we answer questions from non-profits who provide voter information by use of large scale mailings. We recently completed one short questionnaire from a group that includes League of Women Voters and NC Council of Churches.

There is only one general election event scheduled for all candidates, in Fayetteville with the NAACP, on August 11. It is unlikely that all candidates will appear in this or any public forum together.  The Dem and Rep candidates are running a ground game with a big money, professional GOTV strategy. They simply won’t talk to me or Allen Smith of the Green Party.

Media won’t talk to me either. Spectrum, the Charlotte Observer and WFAE among others are not interested in communicating with me or covering my campaign. With the help of the state party, we are trying to improve and tailor our communications in a way that respects the major media demands. Yet, this is difficult task even for paid professionals.

To be fair to my contributors, we are working on improving:

  1. Announcing events and then covering them effectively with good photography and instant uploads.
  2. Libertarian supporter events, since none are being created or induced by the party or supporters.
  3. Lastly, and most unfortunately, the national attention to North Carolina’s special elections, to both my campaign and Tim Harris’ in District 3, has been disappointing at best. We haven’t gotten as much support from the national party as we need, nor media attention. We are working on trying to insert the Libertarian message into the national debate but it is an uphill battle.

Here is what I can do. With less than 9 weeks left until September 10, I will continue to get our message out as best as I can with the limited resources at my disposal.

Yesterday, I issued an op-ed to my media list on the SCOTUS decision. You can read it here: Gerrymandering (

We plan to issue an op-ed in the next week on a solution to the student debt problem.

I personally will be working at the Charlotte Pride event on August 17 and 18 and talking to voters all over the region the entire day. Other people at the booth will be adding hours of direct voter contact. This is a fun, high-spirited event for all of us in Mecklenburg County.

Thank you again for your contributions to my campaign. I promise to use them as effectively as I possibly can, in order to raise the quality and profile of the Libertarian message in Charlotte, in District 9, in North Carolina and the country.


Jeff Scott

P.S. You can always call me directly at 510-928-2879. You’ll never see Dan Bishop or Dan McCready post their personal cell phone number for voters to contact them.

Jeff Scott meets with voters in Charlotte

(Pictures Inside) On Saturday June 8th 2019, Libertarian Party nominee for US Congress NC 9, Jeff Scott, met with voters, supporters and activists at Foxcroft Wine Company in Charlotte. Despite the bad weather that day turnout was very good and Jeff’s message of Peace, Prosperity and Privacy resonated with the attendees. Please watch the Events section for upcoming meet-and-greets with Jeff!


Jeff Scott for Congress – NC 9th District is live!

Jeff Scott for Congress – NC 9th District, the official website of Jeff Scott’s US House Congressional campaign, is now live! More content, photos, videos, commentary and events will be added in the coming days, weeks and months. Please use this website, along with the official Facebook account (link below), to follow Jeff’s campaign as he meets voters across the 9th District and spreads the message of liberty, peace, prosperity and privacy. He hopes to earn your vote in this special election by giving voters another choice that is outside of the two party monopoly.

Please click the Donate button to safely donate to the campaign via Paypal. Thank you for any support you can offer, no matter how large or small. See you on the campaign trail!