America’s Education

I propose radical reform of the student lending system. Graduates face unbearable debt loads from soaring costs, $35 billion in North Carolina alone. State teacher pensions should buy and hold student debt. The education industry makes claims about the value of education that are not true. Young graduates suffer from low paying jobs and the inability to start families. They are victims of predatory lending and we can’t blame them for not understanding the real world outside of college. We can change the way we manage the debt to nudge educators to make clearer promises. Their long-term financial interests will discipline their advertising to new students. More tax dollars and guarantees cannot fix bad promises.

America’s Security

America is creating danger for itself. I question our search for monsters abroad to project power where we don’t belong. Voters want Congress to stop expanding our reach and printing dollars to pay for it. Our leadership must be realistic in what we can achieve. We must not meddle in the elections of other countries. We must return to traditional diplomacy with other nations and practice restraint, not bullying. To promote peaceful trade, we must stop destructive sanctions, targeting of civilians and the sale of weapons. Our nation is not above the law.

America’s Health

I oppose nationalizing the medical industry. Washington DC and the medical industry lobbies work against families and raise premiums and deductibles year after year. The key feature of any medical marketplace is that buyers and sellers look for good services at reasonable price. A single payer bureaucracy does not respect consumer choice and it violates patient privacy. Politicians should not have access to a medical surveillance system to pick winners. Protected profiteers can be eliminated by changing our patent and drug approval system and opening competition for physicians.

Economic Development

The Green New Deal is the challenge in this Congress. As an economist, I will bring my 30 years of experience in banking and finance to resist calls for massive manipulation of our economy. The new Congress does not respect consumer freedom but wants unlimited spending and money printing, destruction of wealth and crippling business rules. The Congress must act to encourage growth policies. The Social Security system requires representatives to have a clear understanding of the nation’s financial stability and the needs of District 9 workers and retirees. We need secure financing for public investment, and we must sustain private markets to replenish savings and retirement. As your representative, I will act now so we aren’t pressured to react when crisis hits.

America’s Veterans

The treatment of Veterans reminds us of the true costs of war. I will ensure that veterans are treated like customers and not as a lobby. Veteran facilities and treatments are paid for by taxpayers. I propose to restructure medical services to give vets economic power over their choices. The veterans themselves can own and manage their valuable assets, properties and employees. Let Vets control the resources to decide the best ways to provide cost-effective services.

Preserving Our Freedoms Under Constitutional Government

Our Constitutional crisis is a result of bipartisan government strangling our confidence. The parties are out of control and can no longer follow rules or abide by our laws. Sophisticated financing, media control and gerrymandering all work to protect incumbents in North Carolina. To counter that, fair redistricting and term limits can promote voter confidence and 3rd party competition. Independent journalists are under attack. We can’t let government-sponsored censorship by the social media giants stifle ideas. Snooping on every American’s financial affairs and the attempted framing of our President by the intelligence agencies are dangerous signs that our political parties abuse power. The Patriot Act licensed the intrusive Homeland Security agency to stoke more unnecessary fear to grow their big budgets.

Problemas En Español

Un mensaje a los votantes de habla hispana.

Mi plataforma es la paz, la prosperidad y la privacidad. Soy el único candidato contra la guerra, el único candidato anticorrupción, y el único candidato de antivigilancia en la competencia electoral.

Me rompe el corazón presenciar la hostilidad que ha surgido en nuestra sociedad hacia los inmigrantes, cualquiera que sea su situación legal.

En el pasado, nuestro país siempre habia dado la bienvenida a personas que se van o escapan de su país de origen para llegar a un lugar mejor.

Muchos votantes en esta temporada electoral temen cómo los inmigrantes se adaptan a nuestra sociedad. También quieren respuestas de los líderes sobre cómo los inmigrantes se adaptan a nuestras instituciones sociales, como escuelas, hospitales e iglesias.

Creo que nuestro gobierno debe actuar de una manera que respete a los seres humanos. Las víctimas deben tener representación y deben recibir un trato humano cuando sean detenidas.

Prometo asegurarme de que nuestro sistema de inmigración regrese a sus raíces humanas y respete los derechos de las personas a lo largo de sus vidas.

Los recién llegados deberían poder disfrutar de la oportunidades que todos damos por hecho.

Si usted es un ciudadano, no tema votar. ¡Es su derecho!

Gun Violence

America has a gun violence problem. I support North Carolina’s desire to stay a strong 2nd Amendment state, though District 9 voters are divided. We have a right to own guns, but we don’t have a right to inflict violence. Our Government does not have the authority to remove the tools that Americans need to protect their lives, families and property. The police cannot be the only people in our society who can possess guns. Concerned voters should join me in not glorifying war as a means of resolving conflicts in a dangerously armed world. When young people are taught that permanent war is the new normal, or that medications will solve their social problems, we increase the risk of rage and anger. Send me to Washington to stop aggression.